Date: 9 June, 2020

Electric Vehicle survey

Give us your views and comments about electric vehicles and you could win a £25 voucher! Whilst Covid19 remains uppermost in all our minds, work behind the scenes at Somerset Councils’ carries on. One exciting project, which was put on hold during the first weeks of the pandemic, was linked to Somerset’s Climate Emergency work.

A county-wide group of graduate support officers were asked to come up with an Electric Vehicle strategy, specific to the many diverse and varied parts, geography and communities of Somerset and gauge the potential influence that these may have on Electric Vehicle take-up across Somerset.

They have devised a survey that will give the councils an understanding of Somerset residents’ environmental behaviours and attitudes towards electric vehicles. An online survey will start on Monday 8th June and will close on Monday 22nd June and can be found at
If you would like to take part and would like a paper copy, please contact [email protected]