Listed buildings

Cannington Conservation Area Listed Buildings

Grade 1
Blackmore Farmhouse
Cannington Court
Gurney Manor
Church of St Mary

Grade II*
Beer Manor Farmhouse

Grade II
Ashford Farmhouse
Chilton Trivet Farmhouse
Brooklands House
Golf Cottage
Cannington Court’s outbuildings
William Coles monument
Gate and Piers – Church St
Court House – Church St
No 5 Church St
No 8 Church St
No 25 East St
Nos 30 & 32 East St
No 1 fore St
No 7 Fore St
No 9 Fore St
No 19 Fore St
Wall to College – Fore St
No 17 High St
Brymore School – High St
Walled garden of Brymore School
Alms House – High St
No 28 High St – The Red House
Ruscombe House – High St
Park Farmhouse – Park Lane
Gates to Park Farm – Rodway
Rodway Farmhouse

Data taken from the list dated 10/09/1993