Local walks

Devised by Peter Nurse


There are a number of walks in and around the village of Cannington to enjoy.

Cannington Tourism, supported by Cannington Parish Council, have produced leaflets covering rights of way walks, together with a walk around the village.

Unfortunately, due to the proposed works by EDF for the building of Hinkley Point ‘C’ site, some RoW routes will be affected or altered. Somerset County Council has made the decision to withdraw some of these walks from publication until further notice, although they still exist in the rights of way form. There will come a time when they will either be temporarily diverted or completely altered in some parts.

We are, therefore, only able to supply a few walks for the time being until any definite changes have been registered and we can publish these walks once confirmed.




Walk 1 – To Blackmore Farm

This walk is approximately 2 miles and should take about an hour.  It is unsuitable for wheelchairs. Please be warned this walk may have diversions due to construction of Hinkley Point Power Station. Also all roads will have heavy traffic due to the same reason. please use pedestrian crossings wherever possible.

Walk 4 – To the River Parret Trail

This walk is 3¼ miles long and should take about 2 hours. It is unsuitable for wheelchair users.

Walk 6 – To Perry Green

This walk is approximately 4 miles long and will take about 2 hours. It is unsuitable for wheelchair users.

Walk 7 – Around Cannington

This walk is 1½  miles long.  it is suitable for prams, pushchairs and buggies since it is on hard surfaces and there are dropped kerbs at all the crossings.

Walk 8 – DEFRA walk

This walk is approximately 1½  miles and should take about an hour. It is unsuitable for wheelchair users

All persons using these walks do so at their own risk and are advised that some areas may be muddy.  Please remember to close any gates encountered on the walk.  Dog owners are reminded that some walks cross farmer’s land.  There may be animals either on the land or in adjacent fields.  Please ensure that dogs are kept on a lead at all times. Also be aware that it is a fine-able offence not to clear up should your dog foul the area.