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The National Grid are carrying out surveys for the renewal of the overhead lines. Please see OHL survey work 3 for more information

Invitation to complete SDC Open Space, Sport and Recreation Parish Survey

This survey can be completed via webpage:-


Sedgemoor District Council is currently in the process of preparing an Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study for the District which incorporates a Playing Pitch Strategy, a Play audit, a Built Facilities assessment and an assessment of informal recreation space.

This study aims to understand the current quality and quantity of provision, the current level of use and demand of each site and the expected level of future demand based on population projections. The assessment results will form part of the evidence base needed to protect existing sites, identify additional needs, support funding bids and inform negotiations with developers when securing contributions towards open space, sport and recreation facilities.

In order to establish a comprehensive overview of the current level of provision and demand across the district we are writing to all Parish Councils to ask them to:

i) complete a survey about the facilities and spaces within your parish and the level of community satisfaction and use that you may be aware of;

ii) review the tables provided below, which present our current understanding of provision for your parish, and either confirm their contents are correct or add to or amend the data, as applicable;

iii) fill-in the attached document with a brief quality audit of the play areas within your parish (if applicable); and

iv) to please share the link to this survey for Sedgemoor residents with your parishioners and ask them to express their views on the quality and quantity of open space, sport and recreation provision across the District and within their own Parish?

The questionnaire and data tables are accompanied by an Online Interactive Map which displays the known formal and informal sites plus any planned sites or sites that have been lost to development in recent years. The deadline for completing and submitting the questionnaires and data tables is Friday 1st March 2019.

For further information and to follow the progress of the Study please visit our website webpage.

The questionnaires and tables can be completed online but if you would prefer to provide your responses by email or letter please respond by email to or alternatively by post to: Planning Policy, Inward Investment and Growth, Sedgemoor District Council, Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, TA6 3AR.

Thank-you for your time.

Kind Regards

The Planning Policy Team
Sedgemoor District Council
Tel: 01278 435544

Don’t be fooled by Council Tax scammers

SDC News Release 18.01.18

Cannington to Sandford Cycle Path

Information on the road works associated with the cycle path can be found on the Somerset County Website using the following link

Cannington Youth Club

The youth club will be starting back on Monday 18th September. Please see poster for more details.

Vacancy for Youth Worker in Charge

A vacancy has occurred for a Youth Worker in Charge for Cannington Youth Club (CYC). Please see Advert for more information.

Environment Agency Update on Flood Defence Scheme

Please see EA Newsletter November 2016 for information.

Annual Audit 2015/16

The annual audit has now been completed for 2015/16. Please click on items below for more information

Notice of conclusion of audit

Annual governance statement 2015-16

Accounting statements 2015-16

External auditor certificate

Exeternal auditor report



Cannington Target

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